Tentang Pelaku Seni: Agustinus Jompet Kuswidananto

Jompet Kuswidananto


Born in 1976, lives in Bali and Yogyakarta-Indonesia.
Studied Communication at Faculty of Social and Political Science of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.
Was a musician, produced records and performances during 1995-1999.  Self thought and trained by the local art community to be a visual artist in the years after.
Practices arts on both traditional and contemporary ground.
Works individually, produces installations, videos, sounds, and performances. Works collectively with Teater Garasi, a Yogyakarta based contemporary theater group.


Gadjah Mada University, Faculty of Social and Politics Science, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2011: Third Realm, Independent project at 54th Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

2011: Java’s Machine: Family Chronicle, Selasar Sunaryo, Bandung

2010: Third Realm, Para-site Art Space, Hongkong
2010: Java’s Machine: Phantasmagoria, Osage Gallery, Hongkong
2009: Java’s Machine: Phantasmagoria, Osage Gallery, Singapore
2008: Java’s Machine: Phantasmagoria, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta

Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Moscow
Phantoms of Asia, Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

Jakarta Biennale, National Gallery, Jakarta
Jogjakarta Biennale XI, Jogja National Museum, Jogjakarta
Global Contemporary, Art Movement  Since 1989, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
Indonesian – Eye, Saatchi Gallery, London
Ekspansi, Galeri National, Jakarta
Motion / Sensation, Edwin Gallery, Jakarta
Trans-Figuration: Indonesian mythologies, Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, Paris
Negotiating Home, Nation and History, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
Closing the Gap, MIFA, Melbourne
Influx, Ruang Rupa, Jakarta
Mental Archieve, Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta
Kuandu Biennale,  Kuandu museum of fine arts, Taiwan
Art Forte, Gana art Center, Seoul
Media Landscape, Zone East, Contemporary Urban Culture, Liverpool
Contemporaneity, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, China
Loss of the Real, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung
Art HK 10, Hongkong
Asia Art Award Exhibition, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Seoul, South Korea
The Tradition of The New, Shaksi Gallery, Mumbai

Jogjakarta Biennale X, Jogja National Museum, Jogjakarta
Beyond the dutch, Centraal Museum Utrecht, The Netherlands
10th Lyon Biennale, Musee d'art contemporaine, Lyon, France
Perang, Kata dan Rupa, Salihara Gallery, Jakarta
Tradition of the New, Sakshi Gallery, Taipei
Magnetic Power, Coreana Museum of Arts, Seoul, Korea
Biennale Cuvee, OK Offenes Kulturhaus Oberosterreich, Austria
Kompilasi, Bus Gallery, Melbourne
Jakarta Biennale, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta

Yokohama Triennale, Yokohama, Japan
Landing Soon, Group exhibition, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta
Manifesto, Group Exhibition, National Gallery, Jakarta

Jogjakarta Biennale, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
‘Equatorial Rhythms’, Stenersen Museum, Oslo, Norway
‘OK Video #3, MILITIA’, Indonesian National Gallery, Jakarta
‘Anti Aging’, Gaya Fusion Art, Ubud-Bali

Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
CP Bienalle, Indonesian Bank Museum, Jakarta
Revolution Ugly, No Beauty, Cemeti Arts House, Yogyakarta

Insomnia 48, Arts House, Singapore
Move on Asia, SBS 1st Floor Atrium, Korea
Artscope, Selasar Sunaryo Artspace,Bandung
Identities vs Globalization, Chiang Mai art Museum, Bangkok National Art Gallery, Dahlem Museum, Berlin

Transit, 8 views of Indonesia,  Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts, Australia
Urban Art Project, Subway Stations, Melbourne, Australia

Worm Fest III, Plastique Kinetic Worms, Singapore


2012    Restaurant of many orders, in collaboration with Hiroshi Koike, Japan
2010    Third Bodies, On Embracing the in-between, collaboration with Yudi Ahmad Tajudin and Teater Garasi.
2009    ‘Garibaba’s Strange World’, Dance Theatre with Pappa Tarahumara and Hiroshi Koike
2006    ‘King’s Witch’, a contemporary orchestra with Tony Prabowo and Garasi Theatre Laboratory
    ‘Mnemosyne’, Collaborative work of Kunauka Theatre Company Tokyo and Garasi Theatre Laboratory
2002 - 2004   ‘WAKTU BATU’ Series, Theatre performance by Garasi Theatre Laboratory.

2011    Lecturis Award Finalist, Art Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2010    Asia Art Award Finalist, Loop Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2008    Academic Art Award, Yogyakarta Institute of Art, Yogyakarta

2012    Nagareyama City Lifelong Learning Center, Japan
2010    Geumcheon Art Space, Seoul, South Korea
2007     Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta
2006    Kawasaki Factory, Japan

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